Buddha -Fire Meditation
Buddha -Fire Meditation A Deep Zoom Fractal Image
Posted by Laxmi Sat, Jan 9th 2010, 00:36

Hello Laxmi, Thank you.

There are never exact translations between two languages. So you don't need to be apologetic. I request you to post the Malayalam version as a translation and use the script too available on our site. Please check.

Here I notice that they are different versions!
But are you saying that the sensual pleasures are divine or talking about the divine aloofness of the Buddha from sensual pleasures!
There is a little possible misreading on this point in the English version. The Malayalam version is clearer. I translate the Malayalam version thus.

amidst sensual glee
in bliss of the atman ~
a bodhisattva


amidst sensual pleasures
in the ecstasy of atman ~
a bodhisattva


amidst sensual pleasures/glee
in divine ecstasy ~
a bodhisattva

"atman" & "bodhisattva" are accepted terms in English!
They are even there in the dictionaries!
Narayanan Raghunathan Sat, Jan 9th 2010, 22:05  
Thank you very much, Narayanji for this correction.

That image reminds me of atman amidst circles of fire...though the nature of atman is divine …it is susceptible to the outer circles of fire …..

so what I meant is ...."the divine aloofness of Buddha from sensual pleasures"

I have slightly changed the order of the lines....

sensual glee swivel
aloof Buddha ~
divine ecstasy

I hope it is clear now.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.....
About the Malayalam Script…where is it located??
Laxmi Sun, Jan 10th 2010, 23:54  
Yes Laxmi. It is clearer.

The line break may be after line one for greater clarity
and an "in" may be added at the end of line two.

sensual glee swivel ~
aloof Buddha in
divine ecstasy

Go to "translate" and go ahead with the Malayalam script via quillpad.

Narayanan Raghunathan Mon, Jan 11th 2010, 01:37  
Thank you Narayanji :)
Laxmi Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 00:17  
Very fine mandala and a fitting haiku too, Laxmiji. Greetings!
Shyam Santhanam Fri, Feb 5th 2010, 00:44  
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