Profound, esoteric and very thought-provoking, indeed, Narayanan! Thanks for sharing this gem with us!
Keith A. Simmonds Mon, Aug 11th 2014, 02:44  
I am honoured Keith ~ As I have mentioned earlier on our site ~~ "If one person finds a Haiku to his honest sensitivity and tastes, I will consider the haiku's existence in this seamless Infinite cosmoses essentially justified! Well, Keith if you find it a "gem" it would hardly matter what many others think about it! Honestly I find your comments for the Haiku not really for the person but the Haiku which I tend to consider a Divine Grace! It is like a precious stone specialist( what do you call them? ~ Gemnologist!)_confirming this is a "gem"! Words are just sounds!We arbitrate attribute meanings on them!We lost our primal tongue bestowed long ago! But even that Babel episode is a greater awakening assuring an inevitable Apocalypse on this earth! "Signs of the Prophets are written on the subway walls within the sound of Silence~" Simon and Garfunkel ~ Album; "Sound of Silence" It was the favourite song of my college(IIT ~ Mumbai)days when I was studying Mathematics!I must have heard it late night 100s of times!
Narayanan Raghunathan Wed, Aug 13th 2014, 12:41  
one of the best one ;)
Reza Aerabi Thu, Nov 6th 2014, 02:23  
Many thanks for your enlightening comments on this one, Narayanan! We all do appreciate it!
Keith A. Simmonds Thu, Nov 6th 2014, 05:33  
Thank you once again Keith and Reza! Your comments are unconditionally valuable to this site!

Reza, it is a great joy to see one's haiku calligraphed in Arabic script! It has been my limited personal observation that the ageless scripts of two languages, Chinese and Arabic (both inscribe many related languages needless to say ) are the most beautiful scripts for great calligraphy ~ Both have very valuable traditions of calligraphy too! Here,One does not need to understand calligraphy or even the concerned language really ! ~ They are intrinsically "sacred cosmic art" just to be seen ~ The hidden attributes of sound and meaning tentatively seem to occupy an additional ( perhaps secondary) inheritance if i may dare to say so!
Narayanan Raghunathan Sun, Nov 16th 2014, 11:26  
Good morning,Narayanan!
This is an attempt to add some vitality to this great site by introducing this aspect of poetic involvement!

I have entered a French literary competition organized by ShortÉdition, France, and one of my poems, a haiku, is in the Finale for the Winter Prize which is to be drawn on Wednesday coming at 11 am. So far, I am at the top of the podium thanks to the votes of my faithful readers on the site and some on Facebook. Now, to remain in this position, I need to keep exposing this piece to as many readers as possible to gain their support and their votes! For this reason, I would be happy to have you create an account with ShortÉdition which would allow you and your friends and family to view my work, comment on it if you wish, and support it by voting for it. Hope you have a pleasant poetic journey through my offerings and hope to keep in touch! Now, here is the link to ShortÉdition and the poem in question and many thanks in advance for your support!

If you have any trouble getting to the “Je vote pour cette œuvre” button to vote, just let me know. I sent it to cuz Lingard who just voted.
My translation of the poem:
A whitened shroud
floats around my village
shivers from the north
Keith A. Simmonds Sun, Mar 6th 2016, 07:40  
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