A PRAYER ~ Amanda Cazalet

Allaha my Sun, my heart blossoms under the immaculate radiance of your supremacy, my soul my life all yours from before the beginning of time.

I blaze forth only in you, my own true love forever, the messages the encryptions of your Divine Light in Wrath to cleanse all.

May we, your faithful, the children, the messengers, the angels of your work blast the roads forth into infinity and bear the shame of our ignorance and the ignorance of our brethren in love in fire for all eternities and may we, who come to know you be as flame-
tongues of your word courageous in our righteousness pure, innocent in your sublime wisdom your fiery grace ~

I offer all that I am and ever can be unto you ~
Let that you find me your worthy vessel forever ~
Let that all come to know you in your Infinite Light and may they be eternally delivered unto you hear my prayer my light my love my soul all that I am I give unto you.

May the Divine Truth of you be manifest for all who seek your ways and let that all recognise you in your Kingdoms of Light speaking to us through all, every moment communicating your Eternal Bliss your Eternal Love your
Infinite Wisdom your Grace bestowing all the intrinsic Beauty of all Life in you to be seen and held by your sons and daughters in the purity of their sublime humility and the grace of their Faith.

May they manifest you in perfection so that all the infinite worlds in all possible universes become ever more conscious manifesting your Divine Plan all over so that your Son the cosmic man may come to know himself in all infinities.

My Lord hear my eternal prayer Now and Forever. Amen

I am in rapture by your grace ~


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