Dear Kristjaan [Chèvrefeuille ] it may be more precise to say that "Some haiku tend to be like Koan(s). But I think it is not necessary that a Haiku is necessarily like a Koan. We have a forum for Koans which will be soon inagurated. Please check ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have written Koan-like haiku but not always. Koan-like Haiku may be treated as a sub-genre Of International Hybrid Haiku Styles. Haiku is [ as you say] surely A Way Of Life, A Philosophical attitude and A Zen Way Of Deeper Intrinsic Perception of Every Moment [ if one takes to it seriously ] . Unlike some modern practitioners, I too personally insist Haiku is inseparable from Zen[Dhyaanam]
Narayanan Raghunathan Tue, Dec 19th 2006, 20:44  
Thank you for sharing this comment with me.
Chèvrefeuille Wed, Dec 20th 2006, 13:17  
a haiku is a haiku like a lemon is a lemon and a koan is a koan. Mix them and their authenticity is gone but you can always drink the juice...
Geert Verbeke Thu, Dec 28th 2006, 17:25  
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